Historic launch of Evergreen’s Express 3 service takes place at Hazira



MUMBAI: North/Central China has been commercially adjoined by Evergreen Line with West India of late through commencement of its new China India Express 3 (CIX3) service.

Ever Uranus 124E is the name of Evergreen’s maiden vessel to call Hazira Adani Port on June 30, 2018. A small onboard get together was arranged to celebrate the precious moment with cake cutting and reciprocation of souvenirs between notable representatives of the company, its Hazira subagents, officials from BOXCO Shipping Services and Hazira Adani Port and Master of the vessel.

The CIX3 service will start from Qingdao port and then touching the ports of Shanghai, Ningbo, Da Chan Bay, Port Klang, NhavaSheva (GTI), Mundra (Adani), Hazira (Adani), Colombo, Port Klang, Singapore, Haiphong and finally back to Qingdao.

KMTC, GSL and Pendulum are the service partners of Evergreen.


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