We are here with Mr. Ravi Singh, 1st engineer, Maersk. It’s an immense pleasure to have a tété-á-tété with you, sir. Our readers would cherish to know the marine world through your experience. Transcript of conversation with Shivam Sargam.

Q1. Why the merchant navy? How was your experience as a cadet?

My mother always wanted me to join the Indian Navy. She developed in me that urge to join the Navy right from my school days. Due to some unforeseen reasons, I couldn’t join the Indian Navy. But here I am, as part of the Merchant Navy to keep my dreams alive.

Experience as an engine cadet was the toughest part of my life. It went through all the rough phases and I faced multiple pressures from all sides.


Q2. How is your sailing experience so far?

The experience has been more of a learning than being good & bad. I have seen both sides of the coin.  Working on accident-free and well-maintained ships have taught me

what good management can achieve by being organized. Ships demanding excessive focus & dedication made me a true seafarer.


Q3. What was the worst sailing experience you have ever encountered?

I was involved in a salvage/search & rescue operation recently were 5 crew members lost their life and 1 is still missing till date. My team could rescue the rest 20 crew members. I

had nightmares of the burning vessel and the bodies of the crew who were charred to death. I simply wish they could be saved.

Q4. What’s your view regarding the IMO’s Low sulphur 2020 mandate?

It’s is going to be heavy on shipowners pocket and the ones associated with the shipping. The shipowners have to add and raise their operating and capital

investment. In my opinion, there will be a high demand for low sulphur oil as the suppliers are not too many. With an increase in suppliers, the cost will subside.


Q5. What changes you think will motivate more and more young lads to join the shipping industry?

To be honest, in my opinion, it is not a very good time for a candidate to join the ships. There is a lot of waiting period due to flooding of every rank. The industry will pick up, given ample time.


Q6. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

My prime interest has been in operation management. I am trying to climb ladders, my current short term planning    is    to    lead the   technical management for my company. It is not easy to get there, but my will is stronger than what I may face.


Thanks a lot for your valuable time.  We wish you all the luck!!


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