As we are heading towards the technology, the smart phones have become an integral part of our life’s, be it a seafarer or a normal person this smartphones have left a great impact on our day to day life.

The fact is that we cannot live without being connected to the smartphones. For a person these days smartphone is not only a mode of communication but also a must have accessory.

Transmitting to uncharted regions, obscure countries and different and bizarre environments, seafarers are always at peril and exposed to troubles that they are unaware of. With lesser resources and nearly negligible support from the authorities, the seafarers have to deal with problems on their own. This makes them depend on the internet. Internet to them is the endless supply of information. While it is true that, internet connection is often an issue on maximum of the ships. The industry is trying to resolve the problem with several ship operators providing internet access on board. Pointless to say, it has become easier than ever to stay in touch with family and friends.

The various mobile apps power a smartphone for making it user friendly. There are few customized applications for every person. So hereby we are sharing few apps that a seafarer must have. A compilation of a list of most important maritime mobile apps a seafarer must have no matter where they go.

  1. ITF seafarers helpline for seafarers

The ITF international transport workers federation organization which functions for the betterment of seafarers provides and significant app called ITF seafarers. This smartphone app helps the seafarers to search for various vessels data contact details and helpline numbers. The information provided here are taken away directly from the centralized system which keeps this app always updated.




  1. Anti-Shipping Activity Message (ASAM) App

The Anti-Shipping Activity Message mobile app by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is an immensely significant tool providing geographic location and reported accounts of hostile acts like piracy, robbery, hijacking and kidnapping under the maritime world ships, crews and passengers. This app also grants users to cache, or store, warning data taken out from the ASAM database when connected to the Internet. Once the data is cached, the app doesn’t require a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. The consumers can get a detailed view of the reports, even when disconnected.


  1. First Aid Apps

The “First Aid” app by American Red Cross and British Red Cross features simple, basic advice on day-to-day first aid requirements. First aid app is not only specifically for seafarers but it is for all.

The various tips on how to handle situations for emergencies give you an idea to act fast or until the help and proper medication doesn’t arrive. There is often absence of correct information on board ships, when it comes to providing first aid and immediate response to injuries.

Though there are medical facilities available onboard but it’s better to accept that one’s safety is in one’s hand only. This app comes up with small video clips and interactive quizzes. It explains step by step processes to learn quickly.


  1. ReCAAP Anti-Piracy App

ReCAAP’s anti-piracy gives information on the current piracy Incident Alerts and reports. The main objective of the app is to provide the marine industry well-timed and better situation awareness. Enabling timely updates of an incident to the nearest ReCAAP Focal Points/Contact point and submission of an incident report.


  1. Marine Fire Safety Pocket Checklist

Marine Fire Safety Pocket Checklist is another app by Lloyd’s Register in association with UK P & I Club. The app targets to lessen the risk of port state control detentions by serving crew members with a checklist and helpful tips. It lists 32 items where deficiencies are mostly found. 30 certificates and documents that must be taken on board and 15 helpful tips to help assure the ship comply with international convention requirements. The checklist has been made by distinct ship area so that individual crew members can take responsibility for the area of the ship he or she is in charge of.


  1. Port State Inspections Pocket Checklists App

The Port State Inspections Pocket Checklist mobile app serves to identify the most common causes of ship detention and is widely known as a useful tool in helping owners and operators to adhere with the convention requirements and thereby lessens the risk of their vessels being detained.

This app helps to view necessary legislative and regulatory concerns, save multiple checklists, check off completed activities, add essential notes/ images and send the completed checklists via email.


  1. Maritime World Ports

The maritime world ports app provides a great database of ports all over the world. The desired port by country or port search selection provided by quick searching tool tips can be found very easily. The app also provides information such as harbor characteristics by size and type, water depth, port website etc. This is a great app to explore the ports you are visiting.


  1. Currency Converter

The seafarers are constantly moving to different countries and time zones. With the arrival of new port comes a new currency. A currency converter helps to rate and convert the currency to the desired one in no time. The XE currency converter app not only provides live proprietary currency rates, charts, but even stores the last updated rates. With or without internet, it works.



  1. ILO MLC Pocket Checklist – Imperative for all Mariners

The ILO MLC Pocket Checklist provides an interactive record of all the terms and requirements for the ILO MLC. This app allows seafarers to check activities off as they are completed. Truly a must have app for all mariners working on board.


  1. Marpol Pocket Checklist

With rising environmental involvement and demanding implementation of the maritime regulations regarding the same, it has become essential than ever for the mariners to be aware of the MARPOL regulations like the back of their hands. Highlighting the most common deficiencies filed by the MARPOL annexes to help seafarers to adhere with the international convention requirements.

The app assures to provide important legislative and regulatory requirements, save numerous checklists, check off completed activities, add essential notes/ images and send the completed checklists via email.


  1. Seafarers’ Rights App

(Technically, this is not an application but a mobile friendly version of the Seafarer’s Rights Archive)

Seafarer’s Rights mobile app by Seafarers’ Rights International (SRI) provides immediate information to seafarers encountering legal issues relating their rights.

The app too has been outlined to operate offline so that the seafarers can access information always by all means, irrespective of the fact that they are in the any corner of the world.

This app has also got the feature that is very unique and life savior for people stuck in to unforeseen circumstances and that is “find a lawyer” tool. It offers assistance to mariners facing criminal prosecution.


  1. CDC TravWell App

The Travewell Mobile App By Centers For Disease Control and Prevention ensure to help in planning a safe and healthy international travel. Constructing a trip to get destination-specific vaccine recommendations and proposals.

A checklist of the do’s and don’ts while preparing for travel. It helps seafarers to plan a healthy travel packing list.

The app also allows to store travel documents and keeps a record of ones medications and immunization. It sets reminders for vaccine booster doses even while traveling.


  1. Duolingo – Language Learning App 

Mainers are exposed to sveral cultures and people belonging from entirely different background from all over the globe. It is exciting and difficult too. Every language and can’t be by hearted. The language barrier among seafarers is an affair which has been marked several times previously too. The Duolingo is one such app which helps in learning new languages in a very easy way.

These are the few apps that may be tried out by the seafarers to make their lives easier and tension free by several ends.


Source: Google Playstore


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