We are here with Mr.Rohit Puri, Chief Engineer, Maersk Line. It’s an immense pleasure to have a tété-á-tété with you, sir. Our readers would cherish to know the marine world through your experience.Transcript of conversation with Shivam Sargam.

Q. You took over the charge as CE at Maersk Line in may 2014, how it is like working with Maersk Line and holding such a responsible position. How has been your experience?

The experience has been a wonderful learning/personal development phase both on-board and while on shore.


Q. Starting from Chandigarh and now as a C/E in Mumbai, tell me about your journey so far. How bumpy was the ride till here?

I belong to Chandigarh, and I am a CE on large container vessels. It all looks very simple in the beginning until one realises each ship, in service or ilde, is an industry in its own. It involves just not seamanship. It involves business, maritime law, technical, and all other big aspects.

Q. You chose the Sea or the field itself has chosen you?

Honestly speaking, I myself have chosen to be at sea.

Q. What are your views regarding the Blockchain technology in the industry? The shift in trends has begun lately?

Block chain will be a game changer. It will re-invent how cargo moves. It will be a background for trust, minimum confusions, and quick and safe chain flow. The idea is innovative and has spread fast.

Q. People talk about digitalization in marine industry, do you think this will create a new buzz in the coming days, as what computer did to our clerical employment?

The digitalisation had begun in early 90’s, and touching new heights every decade. As you know there are pros and cons of everything. The industry
has always been moving towards automation and cutting down time & labour.

Q. A drop-down of employment is seen when talking of seafarers. How does the market shift, is there any silver linings in coming years?

The shipping industry is very sensitive to trade pattern and global policies. In the recent past, this pattern has been cyclic in nature with peaks and valleys. Suggest our colleagues to adhere to their positions and ride the wave as it comes.

Q. On a lighter note, tell me about your days as a cadet. What role did the college play in your life? How about the first years in college, any incident, ragging or something you would like to share.

My cadetship days were very fruitful and enjoyed the company of my colleagues. I didn’t have any ragging incidents at college but had a very funny and extremely enjoyable memory of being bullied as cadet when I was asked to find the Main Engine starting key or book a seat in the lifeboat. Equator crossing was another rare one time experience.

Thanks a lot for your valuable time. We wish you all the luck!!


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